Simcoe Pump & Well Drilling

Well Evaluation, Flow Testing & Pumping

Well Evaluation:
The health and wellbeing of your family, employees and customers who use your residential, commercial or industrial water well every day is very important. Any contamination of your water well puts their health at risk, and it’s very difficult to know whether your water supply is truly safe. Contamination of your water well does not always change the taste or appearance of your water, so you may have no idea how bad the level of contamination in the well water is that you use every day.
Let Simcoe Pump and Well Drilling take the worry and uncertainty out of this scenario and protect yourself and everyone who uses your water well by scheduling a water testing today. We can test your well water and recommend treatment options for your home, business or industrial implementation. We also offer bacterial disinfection of all wells and water systems as part of our maintenance services.
Flow Testing:
How much water is in the well? How long will the water well last? What is the well recovery rate? These are key questions to ask when buying a property served by a private water well. Well water quantity is all about well flow rate, well yield, and water quantity. Simcoe Pump and Well Drilling can accuratelymeasure the amount of well water available and the well flow rate – the water delivery rate ability of various types of drinking water sources like wells, cisterns, dug wells, drilled wells, artesian wells and well and water pump equipment.
It is not just the depth of a well that tells us how much water it can deliver, and in some cases a very deep well may indicate trouble. We will explain the difference between total water quantity available and the actual well flow rate, and we show you the difference between an accurate well flow test and a misleading flow test.
One of the most common uses for well water pumping is irrigation. In fact, the vast majority of water pumped from the aquifer in Ontario is used for farm irrigation. Agricultural irrigation relies on well water pumps to provide a reliable supply of water for production and profitability. Simcoe Pump and Well Drilling can ensure proper irrigation on your property and with over 25 years of experience with well drilling and other aspects of irrigation pumps, we will help you keep up with the high demands of your farming or agricultural business, or the sprinkler system in your own front yard.

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